Thursday , 22 February 2018

5 Best news app for android – 2017

There is no doubt that the technological development has created a boom in all areas. This development also forms an important contributing factor in the means of access to information and knowledge and provide news and entertainment needs. We will give in this report offer for the top 5 news applications.


Feedly is the RSS reader of choice for many news apps which enables you to choose your own news sources and create your own news feed. The app is very simple. You search for the topics and websites you like and choose them to your feed. since you open the app, you’ll receive articles from only those sources. You can select multiple publications from Feedly’s search board, sort them into topics, and save articles for later viewing with bookmarks. This is great for anyone who wants to control over news he want to read, and the appalsoenables you to establish many categories for your news so you can manage your feeds.


Flipboard has an important mission. This mission is to digitize the often wonderful design and layouts found in print magazines and newspapers, in addition to the experience going across new, engaging articles in one of your favourite publications.

The Android app is a pleased experience with using it both smartphones and tablets, presenting a visual means of building your own personalized magazines. You can select your general interests and then immediately dive into a pre-generated set of articles, laid out in the style of a newspaper.

Google Play Newsstand (Free)

Google launched that app which called Google Play Newsstand that effectively replaced currents, its newsreader app for the Web, and Magazines, its app for downloading and reading the publications.

The new app uses the card view widely recognized from Google Now to show personal titles from the Google Play store and content, which extracted from blogs, RSS feeds and other publications on the Web. The promise is that Google Play Newsstand’s recommendations will improve as you continue to use the app, surfacing new articles based on your interests.

Pocket App

Pocket not only necessary as a news app but also it is one that you should download for you smart phone. It is one of the popular apps, which enables you to store news for later reading, and presents a simple interface that enables you to find the articles you have add to saved section.  Pocket is an app that helps you collect links to the news and articles you found interesting and should be read. You can save them to read them later. Pocket is so important for you.

Yahoo News Digest

Yahoo News Digest is one of great apps. This app have many categories that helps you to get news of many different fields whether news or sports, cinema, financial news. It offers the top stories in your region, capitalizing of the artificial intelligence technology as it does to present the information in an easy way. The news should be change every few hours and giving you important updates throughout the day.

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