Sunday , 20 August 2017


Top 10 Android Games in 2017

With half of the year 2016 gone already, we take a look back at the top 10 Android games so far. So let us begin. Subterfuge If online multiplayer gaming is your thing then perhaps Subterfuge is a must have for you. The gameplay is excellent that will test you to the limits and ensure that you’ll have an unforgettable …

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5 Android Themes You Must Look At

As we all know, today Smartphones are used every day, actually we check our phones every few minutes. And so what is the first thing that we see? The display, the apps, icons and of course, the home screen. Looking at the same home screen over and over again as we go trough it to check social media, play a …

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5 Best news app for android – 2017

There is no doubt that the technological development has created a boom in all areas. This development also forms an important contributing factor in the means of access to information and knowledge and provide news and entertainment needs. We will give in this report offer for the top 5 news applications. Feedly Feedly is the RSS reader of choice for many news apps which enables you to choose …

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Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) Review

  Over the last few years, we have seen the smartphone industry grow mercilessly. Few major brands of smartphones in the earlier era were Apple, Samsung and Nokia, but with time new brands have been launched in the market, such as HTC, Micromax, Xiomi, Lava etc., which provides us with the whole new level of experience with a much lower …

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Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) Review

It is time to use a classic yet very appealing smartphone, Samsung Galaxy J5 that offers solid performance without burdening your budget. How does it look like? Samsung Galaxy J5 gives a classic look. Very slim body and weight up to 146g. Super Amoled display with 357.72 cd/m2 brightness is sufficient in extreme lighting. Irrespective of having plastic frame, offering …

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Top 5 Hidden Object Games For Android In 2017

We all love a good adventure and mystery now and again, and there is no better means to indulge in mystery by going through it yourself . Hidden object games have some story to go alongside the game, letting you immerse your-self while you search for concealed things on the display that’s why they are excellent. Google play store has …

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Top 10 Best Android Apps

The Google PlayStore houses a whole host of applications to choose from. However, some of those apps should be on everyone’s phone simply because of their utility. Let us take a look at 10 of the best Android Apps that you should definitely look into. Google Drive With the introduction of the high definition movies and performance intensive mobile games, …

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Sony Xperia X Review – Read Before You Buy

This year we have seen a number of exceptional phones released in the market. Consumers were overwhelmed by the design features and specifications of phones such as Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 6s, HTC 10 and so. Among these much awaited models was one Sony Xperia X. Much was expected of this latest release from Sony but the phone failed to …

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Clash Royale Strategy Guide – How To Win

We are all aware of the craze of ‘Clash of Clans’ that has taken over mobile phone gamers. However, a new strategy game is now available in the market that has garnered significant claim in a short span of time. ‘Clash Royale’ is really giving ‘Clash of Clans’ a run for its money. Let us now discuss some of the …

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