Thursday , 22 February 2018

Clash Royale Strategy Guide – How To Win

We are all aware of the craze of ‘Clash of Clans’ that has taken over mobile phone gamers. However, a new strategy game is now available in the market that has garnered significant claim in a short span of time. ‘Clash Royale’ is really giving ‘Clash of Clans’ a run for its money.

Let us now discuss some of the tips and strategies that can be employed by the gamers in order to succeed in this game and win more battles.

Be Wary Of Your Gold Reserves

Just like in real life, lots of capital is required in order to win wars. In clash of clans the most important currency is gold. You need gold in order to win battles. But you need to win battles to earn gold. So you can see that we are at a bit of conundrum. Another source of income within the game is the daily chests. These chests are unlocked after a certain period of time and it is advised that you adapt your routine accordingly. Gold is required to upgrade your troops. Beginners might be tempted to upgrade all of their troops but that would not be wise. Instead, you should use your gold sparingly and not waste it on ineffective units like bombers for example.

Keep A Variety Of Troops In Your Arsenal

Keeping a variety of troops in your arsenal is quintessential if you want to start winning more battles. Each unit has their strengths and weaknesses. By understanding the limitations of certain unit types, you can adapt your strategies and punish your enemies. It might be a good idea to use giants and skeletons in your front line. The giants are durable units and can tolerate a lot of punishment.

With the distraction in place, you can bring in your big guns and surprise your enemies. Baby Dragons and Valkyrie Chiks can deal tremendous amount of splash damage to ground units. Remember, timing is crucial in any battle. Use your resources wisely.

The Importance Of Skeleton Troops

Although we have discussed the importance of having skeleton troops in the previous section, we would like to reemphasize their importance by giving them a separate mention. At first you might have some reservations about using skeletons. This is because the skeletons have low hit points which means that they tend to die quickly. However, because of their high mobility and low deployment time the skeleton troops can be used to inflict considerable damage on your opponent in a short space of time.

However, if the enemy forces have well positioned archers then it might not be a good idea to invest in skeleton troops because they are very susceptible to arrows. Also Dragons which deal splash damage can instantly wipe off your skeleton troops. Thus an alternate approach might be required.

The Training Arenas

As you progress through the game you would ideally want to be involved in the biggest of battles against the strongest of adversaries. For this you need to have trophies which are acquired after winning battles. The more you win the more trophies you will have. The vice versa is also true. Hence, it might be better to test your strength first before engaging in a war.

Training arenas allow you an excellent opportunity to carry out a demo of your forces. This is extremely important especially when you have new units in your army. You would want to develop a better understanding about their strengths and weakness before you thrust them into battle. Once your troops are tried and tested, you can then take them to the battlefield against other human players.

Try Not To Attack First

Attacking first might not be the wisest course of action for you to choose. This is because attacking first reveals your strategy to the enemy. They can then make the required adaptations in their plan and counter you pretty hard. Hence, it might be better to stay back and develop a strong defense. This will provide you plenty of time to fill up the Elixir bar.

By refusing to attack first, you make your enemy frustrated and they might even launch an attack on you. Use this to your advantage. Use your experience to counter the enemy’s advance. You can also save up on your important cards like Fireball that can be used at a later stage in order to decimate the enemy’s forces.

Be Patient

As mentioned before the timing is very crucial and can turn the tide of war in your favor. Sometimes, it might be a good idea to overwhelm your opponent with an all out offence. However, sometimes, it is better to bide your time and defend. Finding the right moment to strike almost guarantees a win.

Experienced players often start off by sending in their more disposable units first. This can draw out the enemy forces and give you an idea about what you are facing. After that you can follow up with your heavy artillery, that are, Dragons and Valkyries. But if you are confident in your strength and your plan, then you might rush early on. But again, timing is important. You need to know when to attack and when to fall back.

Using Spells

In order to win battles, you need to rely on the available spells as much as you rely on your troops. This is because a well timed spell can turn a lost cause into victory. Two important spells that deserve a separate mention here are freeze and rage. The freeze spell allows you to disrupt the momentum of your enemies and provide you with the upper hand.

On the flip side, if the momentum is in your favor, you might want to cast the rage spell on your troops. This will put your giants and skeleton army into frenzy and they will raze down the enemy forces in a matter of seconds.

I am hopeful that by following the strategies that we have just discussed, you can get better at Clash Royale and win plenty of battles. Good luck!

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