Thursday , 22 February 2018

Flip Master – The Ultimate Trampoline Game With Super Flips

Learn the trampoline with Backflips, Gainers, Frontflips, layouts, bounces and jumps on gym, backyard or circus trampoline and train to be the expert of Trampoline.

Flip Master is an entertainer and dynamic game with an ultimate experience. Disobey the law of physics and try to prove yourself.

Flip Master Game play

Tricks and Skills to unlock

You can unlock eye-catching and dangerous skills. You have frontflips, backflips, gainers plus 10 additional tricks at your finger tips.

Amazing power ups

Power-up! You have a plenty of power-ups to select from. Choose Foam Cube or the Medicine ball and get the jumping action started. You can also opt for gold rush along with Coin Rain power up too.

Superb characters

Select, upgrade, personalize your character. Jump with the spirit of an athlete and conquer the amazing heights. Every character posses special physics.

Flaunt your best moves in front of your friends

Record the funniest falls you had and the best moves you experienced. Show the world who is the master of Trampoline.

This game is an exciting game with realistic    physics concepts, graphics and thrilling accidents. The game is easy to play with simple tap and swipe controls which help you to flip and then move a bit to your right or left while you are in the air. This game is certainly a treat for those who have spent their childhood using a small size trampoline meant for household use.

You get a few additional characters and moves to unlock and you will have real fun in the game till the end of the game. Of course you need to time your flips properly to attain success. If you want to jump high and go higher to get there to fetch some coins like jump and flip only at the very last moment before you come down to the ground. If you perform the same task many times, you will be able to get the speed and reach higher each time.

Practice will make you perfect

If you are seriously interested in becoming the expert flip master, you will have to practice a lot. Though you get the option to upgrade your skills, even the high upgrades will not provide you with timing and focus you actually need to be successful in the game.


The game has top notch game play, amazing graphics and a plenty of functionality like upgrades, characters and many more things that you will never get to see anywhere. You do not need internet connection to play as it can be played offline too.


If you are among those who start through a lot of videos – Epic Fail posted on Youtube,  then this game is certainly not for you. The game is so entertaining that you get addictive and want to stay in the game for longer. The free running trampoline flips will let you enjoy each flip. The accidents are realistic and you would find yourself being in real world.

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