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Gladiator Heroes Hack Cheats – FREE Diamonds No Survey [NEW]

gladiator heroes hack

Gladiator Heroes, similar to games such as Clash of Clans, is a new strategy game in which you must deal with a variety of factors. But you need lots of diamonds to play this game like a boss. Don’t worry! Our Gladiator Heroes hack android iOS tool will do the job for you. Yes! you can get up to 14000 diamonds daily using this Gladiator Heroes cheats android ios tool. It’s very easy. Click below to get started.

version 3.3.2

Not only will you have to learn important resource management to build a grow your city, but you must also deal with a side never shown by Clash of Clans. You must grow your role-playing skills to work in evolving your heroes into the most feared in the arena.

Design, train and give your gladiators the best equipment possible to insure their victory in the oncoming lethal fights that they are soon to face.

Gladiator Heroes Hack Tips and Tricks

Before entering a battle in the arena, design and train the best possible heroes that you can bring to the battle. Make sure that they are equipped with top of the line tools and weapons to insure that they leave the arena victorious.

Make sure you keep your base up to date with the highest level gladiator academies, armories, infirmaries and government buildings.

Find your battle style as best as you can, with five different types of gladiators for fighting, Don’t forget to use Gladiator Heroes hack apk for easy gameplay.

the Sword and Shield Gladiator, who will strike the enemy with a powerful sword whilst protecting himself with a steady and strong shield.

the Two Handed Weapon Gladiator, who will slam the enemy with either a massive axe or a massive sword, whatever suits you best. This massive weapon will overwhelm the enemy, and it will have the highest health of all gladiator types, but this gladiator is also very slow and large making him easy to attack. Use Gladiator Heroes cheats android to become a great player.

the Double Weapon Gladiator, with two weapons of your choice, is a swift and quick attacker who will deal a large amount of damage before retreating off to avoid any counter attacks.

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the Spear Gladiator will attack from a distance with a throwing spear before retreating back to a safer area. Very good at overcoming less versatile opponents. We have updated Gladiator Heroes hack android tool.

Features of Gladiator Heroes Cheats Game

1. This game features multiplayer gaming, so you will be able to play with your friends and family and compete with them for who will be the highest ranked in the game.

2. You will build and control the growth of your own city.

3. This game features a wide range of environments, from the blistering desert, to the frigid tundra.

4. Evolve your weapons from weak wood and stone, all the way to Damascus steel along with powerful iron and gold weaponry.

5. You are capable of naming and customizing your gladiators to make them the most powerful killers in the game.

6. Gain experience and level up.

7. Receive nice free chests with each battle you win. Get up to 14k diamonds daily using Gladiator Heroes cheats ios tool.

Pros and Cons of Gladiator Heroes


1. Fun experience in not only city building but also player building.

2. Wide range of choices on the kinds of gladiators you want to use.

3. This game is fully free to play with no monthly charges or one time fees to gain access.

4. A diverse game environment with battles being able to occur in areas such as the desert of tundra.


1. Mediocre graphics, although not major, given that it was intended to be that way.

2. The game allows the purchasing of in game money and items, making it much easier for people with money to progress in the game and win.

3. The game is very similar to Clash of Clans, and has a playing style that is largely overused which could lead to the game getting a bit boring and old. Finally I would suggest you to use Gladiator Heroes hack apk to get free diamonds.

Watch the gameplay below

Overall, even though it is similar to many other games, its pros outweigh the cons and allow for a fun, enjoyable gaming experience.

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