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King of Avalon Gold Hack For Android iOS – 100% Working [No Survey]

king of avalon hack

If you really love to play King of Avalon Dragon Warfare game and interested in free Gold then we can help you. We have created King of Avalon hack android iOS tool. Using this tool anyone can get unlimited Gold and purchase all items in the game store with this gold. Click the button below to use King of Avalon cheats for android iOS.

version 1.0.1

It is the most highly anticipated real time MMO strategy game of the year. King Arthur has fallen, and the throne has been left empty. Train your dragon and build your army in your quest to lift the sword Excalibur and claim your rightful place as the king of the land.

Battle through the land while making allies and arch enemies along the way. Chat with your friends, trade with your allies, and wage war with your enemies as you fight to claim the throne of your kingdom. Don’t forget to use King of Avalon cheats no survey tool.

King of Avalon Hack And Game Tips

Whenever you have the resources available, make sure the first thing you do with them is upgrade your stronghold. Each time you upgrade your stronghold, you unlock a large range of new buildings to assist you in your war efforts. Without this, your growth will be greatly limited, if not stopped all together.

Make defense your number one goal, as the timeless saying goes, the best offense is a good defense. Focus on many different defensive strategies, such as one very effective one of building a maze. Have the maze set up with traps along the way in order for the maximum amount of troops to be killed as they travel through it. Use King of Avalon hack no survey app and get free gold.

Resources are the most important part of the game, make sure you use the resources that you have as efficiently as possible as not to waste any. And if you are running low on resources, try to go for it. Don’t attack tiny bases that will give you a small amount of resources, instead, try going for the big one in attack enemies that are equal to you or even stronger in order to receive the highest pay out possible. People who have used King of Avalon Dragon warfare hack got free gold.

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Pick the right dragon, there are three types, offensive dragons, defensive dragons and support dragons. And as I said above, defense is the best offense, so it might be a good idea to go after a defensive dragon over the other types.

Features of King of Avalon Cheats and Game

1. For those of you who like it, one major feature that the game is built around, is warfare. Constantly. Everywhere. There is always a chance that you could be attacked at any moment, which adds a little flare and excitement to the game.

2. Alliances are a staple of the game, working with your friends and family in game is crucial to fighting in GvE battles again barbarians, or sticking up to pvp bullies by marching at them all at once. Use King of Avalon cheats ios tool and make your game more fun.

3. Dragons, another significant part of the title itself, are a major feature of this game, being considered a sort of weapon of mass destruction so to speak.

4. Good connections with other players are crucial, with a good chatting system with built in translators in order to communicate with people who speak not only your language, but languages around the world.

5. Advanced strategy, working hard to gain the edge in battle through research and mastering skills. You learn when to be invisible to the enemy evading their every move, and when to order an invasion in a devastating blow against their forces. If you use King of Avalon hack no verification tool then you will get lots of free gold daily.

With all of these wonderful, fun features, this game is sure to be the next Game of War, in guaranteeing hours of action filled fun for the ages.

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