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Mekorama Hack Cheats For Android iOS – Unlock Everything

Mekorama hack

Mekorama Hack Tool 1.1.3 version review! We have tested this Mekorama Cheats on android and ios platforms for several times. For today there is no issue found. By using this software players can easily unlock all plays on the game and can get unlimited Hints. As this app does not require root or jailbreak action, has the anti-ban and multiple proxy function you are safe and secure to run this app.

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version 1.1.3

Mekorama is mostly a relaxing and charming puzzle game about a small robot, whereas the levels can be very daunting into the game’s campaign. In order to prevent your brain from burning out on the difficult puzzles we have a pretty helpful guide along with some noteworthy tips for you that will help you breeze through obstacles and prevent your robot from rusting.

Firstly, you may want to look at the main menu. You can notice that there is a setting called ‘Free Camera’ which is off by default when flipping through the 5th page. You will have fuller control of the in-game camera and much more freedom on how you want to rotate and zoom in on certain angles if you turn Free Camera on also this will help you navigate through levels much more comfortably. It is specially helpful for the more difficult or larger levels.

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When you start a level, it’s a good idea to survey the level first with the camera, before moving your robot, and look for every interactive objects and active obstacles. You can also plan ahead and get your robot safely to the goal block if you try to pick up, drag or drop all of the objects.

What is more it’s a good idea to play around with the level editor if you want to get a good feel of how the physics work and how certain objects react to one another. The level editor contains:

  • all the elements, objects, obstacles
  • AI controlled robots and more contained from the game’s main campaign mode

The game gives you an opportunity to try out new ideas and has a lot of things to offer you freely, that can help you solve difficult levels later in the game.

It’s a good idea to take a new approach and a new perspective if you get stuck on a particular level for a long time. You will be able to gain new ideas but still solve the puzzle on your own by downloading some of the other custom levels. Without relying on step by step guides, by using this solution you can still solve a puzzle fairly.

I hope you enjoyed this article on mekorama hack for android and ios. I can tell you this is the only mekorama cheats for ios which is working like a charm. So feel free to use this hack for mekorama and enjoy this game.


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