Thursday , 22 February 2018

Sony Xperia X Review – Read Before You Buy

This year we have seen a number of exceptional phones released in the market. Consumers were overwhelmed by the design features and specifications of phones such as Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 6s, HTC 10 and so. Among these much awaited models was one Sony Xperia X. Much was expected of this latest release from Sony but the phone failed to live up to all the hype. There were some features that were very well received by the users but there were instances where the phone was found lacking.

Let us take an in depth look into all the features offered by Sony Xperia X so that we can better gauge the performance of this phone.


The Sony products are known for their design flair and innovation. The Sony VAIO laptops as well The Play station series have always had appealing designs. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the Sony mobile phones.

There isn’t much innovation in the design of Xperia X. The phone has considerable similarities with previous models such as Xperia Z3+ and Xperia M5. Now we are not saying that the design is an ugly one. But it does lack spark and innovation. The design is straightforward. The front and back are straight and the sides are slightly curved. The back surface of the phone has been changed. Glass rear has now been replaced by an aluminum finish. This change was made owing to the fact that glass rears are very difficult to keep clean because oil, fingerprint and scratches etc are clearly visible on them.

One design flaw that has been a big disappointment has been the placement of the volume control buttons. These buttons are located towards the bottom of the phone. This makes it very difficult for the user to keep using the phone and change the volume levels at the same time. Also, the fingerprint scanner placed on the side is unreliable. Hence, customer experience takes a hit when using this phone.

The SIM card slot is easily accessible and support both the micro as well as the nano SIM cards. However, whenever you open the SIM card slot, the phone restarts automatically which is quite a nuisance for the users.


Let us now turn our attentions towards the display of Sony Xperia X mobile phone. Last year, Sony shook the tech world with its introduction of the 4K screen display. This was something that every mobile phone lover was raving about. However, with the passage of time, people realized that there was very limited media in the 4K resolution and most of the times the 1080p format was used.

The Sony Xperia X series hosts a 1080p 5 inch screen. This makes it a pretty decent option and certainly one of the brightest ones available in the market right now. It is almost impossible to spot the pixels when viewing pictures and other media on the phone. This is due to the smaller screen size and higher resolution.

The color contrast is also very impressive. Also the viewing angles are quite accurate which makes the display one of the most dependable ones. Due to the high quality LCD display, the colors are clear and crisp. However, they are not as good as the OLED lights. Some people might also have reservations with the intense brightness that the screen is able to achieve. This can quickly drain the battery and cause discomfort if the auto-brightness feature malfunctions.


The Sony Xperia X phone is hailed as a flagship phone by Sony. And so it comes with a flagship price. Currently, the phone can be bought for somewhere in between 450 pounds to 550 pounds in Great Britain. However, the flagship price cannot be fully justified for Xperia X.

Let us look at the processor first. 2016 saw flagship phone equipped with the latest Snapdragon 820 CPU. This latest release revolutionized the domain of central processing units and it truly is a thing to behold. However, what you find in Xperia X, is an older and much less powerful Snapdragon 650. Its processing speed is only slightly better than that of a Snapdragon 617 which costs considerably less.

Moving on, we see that the phone has an inbuilt 3 GB of RAM. This is not very significant by any stretch of the imagination. Flagship phone come with much more than that. The 32 GB of storage space is decent enough and there is provision to add further in the microSD slot.

Using routine applications and websites on this phone is a pleasant experience. The phone will run smoothly and websites will load up in no time. However, you might face some issues if you want to use more processing intensive applications. Also, browsing videos and playing games with high graphics on Xperia X are also problematic issues. The phone can get hot which leads to a faster drain of battery.

The audio features within the phone are pretty good. The playback is crisp and clear especially when you use the headphones. The dual stereo speakers are pretty fine although they can’t compete with those of other high end phones like HTC 10.

The Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 is the stock operating system of the Sony Xperia X phone. And it delivers perhaps the best performance among all the recent Sony phones. There is the provision of a clear all button in the taskbar. You can use that to refresh your phone when you are done multitasking. You can also customize the icon packs and make changes to the quick-settings menu.


Last but not the least, we have the camera. This is something that is perhaps a significant competitive edge that Sony has over its competitors. The rear camera is a powerful 23 mega pixels which is much more than what you would find in most of the high end phones available in the market nowadays.

The picture colors are magnificent and the camera does not overexpose the light source which means that you will get a nice and even contrast.

So there you have it. Our brief review of the Sony Xperia X phone. We have laid down all the details in front of you. Now you can decide whether the phone is worth the what it costs or not.

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