Thursday , 22 February 2018

Top 5 Hidden Object Games For Android In 2017

We all love a good adventure and mystery now and again, and there is no better means to indulge in mystery by going through it yourself . Hidden object games have some story to go alongside the game, letting you immerse your-self while you search for concealed things on the display that’s why they are excellent. Google play store has lots of games like this to choose from, That’s why we have selected top 5 best games for you which might be worth looking at.

  1.  Hidden Object Mystery Society

Hidden Object Mystery Society

Accurate to the title, Hidden Object Mystery Society is going to have you finding things that are solution and concealed on screen while in addition you make an effort to solve the mystery available, that there are plenty. You won’t only be looking for items that are concealed as you have to find plenty of quests to finish at the same time.

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2. Adventure Escape: Time Library

Adventure Escape: Time Library

Like the last entry in this list, you’ll have the capacity to look for items that are concealed but rather than solving  crimes and different puzzles, you’ll be concentrating on fixing one puzzle which will let you escape the time library to help you make your way home. In total there are 9 chapters and there will be many to solve here if you enjoy puzzles.

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3. Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows

hidden city

Next game is Hidden City. Your main goal in this game is to find hidden items and you have to complete over 1100 quests. If you are bored from searching hidden items then there are many small games.

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4. Downton Abbey: The Game

Downton Abbey The Game

This game is not totally related to hidden objects but due to few part of this game related to hidden objects it fits to the list. If you are a die hart fan of Downton Abbey show then you should download this game as it’s the official Downton Abbey game. Here you can search for concealed items and solve mystery.

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5. Agent Alice

Knowing that this is a list of hidden object games you will be looking for concealed items in this game but you have to find clues and solve crimes as Agent Alice. This amazing game is updated regularly so there is less chance of getting bored with this game.

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