Saturday , 20 January 2018

WWE Supercard Hack Cheats For Android iOS – 2017

wwe supercard hack

Good news for you guys! We have successfully released our brand new WWE Supercard Hack online tool and it is working like a charm. We have tested this wwe supercard cheats tool on many accounts before releasing it on our blog. So you don’t have to worry about it. Using our wwe supercard cheat tool you can get up to 999,999 free credits everyday and unlock all cards too. We update our all applications once in a week. I hope you will be happy to use our awesome application. Click the link below to visit our online hack and follow all the steps there.

Features of our wwe supercard hack tool:

Here are some cool features of our online wwe supercard cheats tool…

  • Anyone can use our online application free of cost.
  • Anyone can get up to 999,999 credits per day.
  • Our hack tool can unlock all cards for you.
  • All smart phone user can use our application.
  • Our hack is made with anti-ban script. So your account will remain safe every time you use our cheat tool.

How to use online wwe supercard cheats tool:

Before using our online app you should read the following and understand how can you successfully use our awesome wwe supercard cheat application.

  • First go to our wwe supercard online cheat tool.
  • Then you have to enter your user name, select your platform and click connect button.
  • When your account will be successfully connected then Select the amount of credits that you want to add to your account.
  • Finally click “start hack” button and wait few seconds for our hack to complete the process..
  • Then restart your game and enjoy.


WWE SuperCard: The Most Riveting Mobile Game

Looking for a new high-quality game along with dynamic and exciting gameplay? Then check out the WWE SuperCard game, which is currently available on both on both the Android Play Store and Apple’s iTunes store. Discover why this game could be worth the memory space on your mobile device.

What it is

If you’re a diehard fan of the American televised wrestling world, then this game would be right up your alley. Combining elements of collectible card games with well-known names of WWE stars, this game has a card deck profile thatis constantly updated to match WWE’s current line-up of popular wrestlers, while paying homage to the WWE Legends with the digital immortalization of them in this game. The best part is that this game is suitable for people of all ages.

Special Gameplay Features

Throughout gameplay, players will be able to earn tokens to increase and customize their card’s stats to build the best card. The character line-up includes Divas, Superstars and Legends – each category made up of the most popular wrestlers in their respective leagues.

There aregame event challenges which are churned out on a weekly basis; this gives players the opportunity to earn new cards while enriching their gaming experience. One of these challenges come in the form of a Team People’s Champion Challenge (PCC), which is a sort of tag team game that you can engage in with other team members. This is a timed challenge and the group with the most number of points when the time runs out will be the winning team.Team PPC is the newest team game to be doled out, and is the perfect opportunity for players to use their best cards in their decks.

A recent update to the game (called Season 2) has brought on even more exciting features such as a chance to add Divas into the Tag Matches or single matches. Those interested in a little card alchemy can also use the Fusion chamber to convert their Season 1 cards to Season 2 ones, however this is optional.Many who have a little WWE SuperCard frenzy can rejoice whenever the King of the Ring tournament starts. This game is multi-day and multi-player, yet still manages to add in instances of strategic gameplay.


Players of the game will also find that there’s a very active online community of players who constantly post updates on their thoughts on the mobile game and WWE in general. This exchange of ideas is mostly done on the WWE SuperCard APK website forum, where one can gain insight on the best ways to level-up or gain rare cards through the advice of other likeminded individual players.

In addition, the social media pages for WWE SuperCard hack are relatively active so players can be instantly updated of any changes to the game at all. The developers behind this game are continually working on the next ways to take the game to the next levels, and there are constant updates.

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